Thursday, June 13, 2013

Walking, Running, Hiking - Oh My!

Vacation Bible School for the year 2013 has come to an end.  It was a total blast! My staff did an amazing job with decorating and leading our children closer to Christ!  Although I'm sad that it had to come to an end, I'm also excited to get back to some short/long runs and getting ready to PCS.

My mom flew into town last Sunday morning.  We've had a blast this week walking up Birch Hill and talking.  However, those darn mosquitoes are TERRIBLE!  Yesterday we went for a walk and the whole way home we were swatting them off of each other left and right.  I think we got an extra arm workout out of it.  I haven't done my usual daily 2 mile runs but I'm hoping to start back up next week. I've only been able to get one in.

Tomorrow we are riding on the good old Alaskan Railroad down to Denali National Park.  We plan on doing a lot of hiking.  Mom's goal while she is here is to see a moose or a bear.  I prefer a moose....

Song of the week: Shake It (Anane - Featuring Mr. Vegas and Tony Touch)

Happy Trails!

(Picture is of me two weeks ago Snowshoeing in the Black Rapids area of Alaska)

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