Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What a Fantastic Week!

Mom just left the other day to head back to Texas.  I do believe that she had an amazing time while she was here visiting.  However, I didn't let her rest very much. =) 

Throughout her stay, we visited many "tourist" areas as much as we could just so that she could get the whole "Alaskan" experience before she left.  We took her out to pioneer park and walked around for at least 2 hours. I took her up to Birch Hill, which during winter is a skiing hill, and we walked at least another 2 miles.  Wednesday we walked about 1.5 miles around the neighborhood. Thursday we took the Alaska Railroad down to Denali National Park and hiked 7 miles out there!  Even my 5 year old got some exercise in.  Our biggest hike though was on Friday. We drove out to Angel Rocks and hiked 2.6 miles. It doesn't seem like a long hike but the hike was straight up to the rocks. We were swamped by mosquito, constantly on the look out for bears and huffing and puffing to the top. It was well worth it though! Mom lost 4 pounds while she was here in just one week! Isn't that awesome! I'm so proud of her.  (Picture of Mom at the top of Angel Rocks)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Walking, Running, Hiking - Oh My!

Vacation Bible School for the year 2013 has come to an end.  It was a total blast! My staff did an amazing job with decorating and leading our children closer to Christ!  Although I'm sad that it had to come to an end, I'm also excited to get back to some short/long runs and getting ready to PCS.

My mom flew into town last Sunday morning.  We've had a blast this week walking up Birch Hill and talking.  However, those darn mosquitoes are TERRIBLE!  Yesterday we went for a walk and the whole way home we were swatting them off of each other left and right.  I think we got an extra arm workout out of it.  I haven't done my usual daily 2 mile runs but I'm hoping to start back up next week. I've only been able to get one in.

Tomorrow we are riding on the good old Alaskan Railroad down to Denali National Park.  We plan on doing a lot of hiking.  Mom's goal while she is here is to see a moose or a bear.  I prefer a moose....

Song of the week: Shake It (Anane - Featuring Mr. Vegas and Tony Touch)

Happy Trails!

(Picture is of me two weeks ago Snowshoeing in the Black Rapids area of Alaska)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Where have I been?

I must confess that I lost sight of my goal.  The winter this year here in Alaska really got to me.  Almost 9 months of winter and the darkness makes you not want to do anything except sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep and.... yup you guessed it - SLEEP!  Summer is finally here and I've already started to get back on track with my "Running With A Purpose".  I haven't registered for any races or just for fun runs. As a matter of fact we are getting ready to move again. Colorado Springs!  I can't wait. 

Last two months I've been trying to average about 2 miles 4 days a week Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. In between on Tuesday and Thursday my husband has me do the following:

  • Treadmill - Run at 6mph for 5 mins
  • 5 min Planks and High Knee Jumps- Hold for 30 seconds then High Knee Jumps for 30 seconds (repeat a 4 more times)
  •  Treadmill - Run at 6mph for 5 mins
  • 5 min Planks and High Knee Jumps
  • Treadmill - Run at 6mph for 5 mins
  • 5 min Right Side Planks and Mountain Climbers - Hold on right side for 30 seconds then do mountain climbers for 30 seconds (repeat 4 more times)
  • Treadmill - Run at 6mph for 5 mins
  • 5 min Left Side Planks and Mountain Climbers - Hold on right side for 30 seconds then do mountain climbers for 30 seconds (repeat 4 more times)
  • End with 10 Push Ups
I prefer to run in the morning but due to my husbands schedule I usually go in the evenings.  Luckily the summers in Alaska are not extremely hot and there is plenty of day light evening around 9pm!

I tried something new by downloading classical music.  However, I try to find either upbeat selections or pieces that have been rearranged.  My latest favorite is Cello Suite No 1. - Bach by the Piano Guys.  Listening to that while running through the trails in the hills of Fairbanks was AMAZING!  So do some research and try it out.

The hubby has the day off tomorrow so I'm thinking that a 6am morning run would be fantastic especially since Vacation Bible School starts tomorrow evening. I have to share some of our decorating pictures - Kingdom Rock! This year our trick to making it cheap and easy as possible included buying large moving boxes from Home Depot - painting them to look like stones and stacking them on top of each other to create a tower. We also bought large foam boards too from Home Depot to help create some large walls for Epic Bible Adventures. Another trick/secret included buying plastic table covering rolls in various colors.  We went crazy with that stuff!

Happy Running Trails!