Monday, March 26, 2012

A Little Secret....

 I didn't want to run today since I've had a killer migraine and stuffy nose but Justin encouraged me to do it...

I know some will find this nerdy BUT I have to start every one of my runs with the "Run In" by the KU Marching Jayhawks Drumline. Then of course followed by all of the fight songs.  After all is said and done I switch over to my workout playlists with various artists.  There is just some thing so special about being a former KU Marching Jayhawk that I will never ever get out of my system.  (Oh the memories!)

I've had to go back to week 3 and redo it.  Last week was a killer for me.  My personal trainer (who is very knowledgeable and great at his job) has been pushing me to do better in my training sessions.  Some times I feel like I'm back in the Army at basic training just not with the yelling.  :)  Loving all of it even the soreness.  However, last Thursday I did something horrible to my left hamstring.  I could barely move let alone run on Friday or Saturday. 

So since I missed two days of running last week I decided to start back and retry week 3.  The running gets easier each time. In the past I've really focused on the timing rather than how far.  This time around I'm focusing on the distance.  The sun has been shining a lot and today the temps were already in the 30's.  The snow/ice is already melting (slowly).  I can't wait for it all to be gone so I can start running outside. Last summer here in Alaska, was just beautiful!  I'm so stinkin' excited to be back outside. 

Monday, March 12, 2012

What kind of run was that?!?

Every run is different. You either have awesome ones, in between ones, or just flat out terrible ones.  Tonight's was bad.  It was difficult to stay focused.  I'm thinking that a lot of it has to do with the time change (haven't slept well the last few nights) and that I haven't had a lot to eat today.  My energy was low and my mind was everywhere.

The main thing is though that I pushed through it all and accomplished today's goal.  3 miles = check!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My 12 Week Training Schedule

Ok I can do this!  Each week I'll be alternating running days.  The # under each day will be how many miles I need to run.  The idea is to build it up and then bring it back down right before I try 13.1 straight!

1             3                   Rest              3                Rest                 3                4                      Rest
2             3                   Rest              4                Rest                 3                4                      Rest
3             3                   Rest              4                Rest                 3                5                      Rest
4             3                   Rest              5                Rest                 3                5                      Rest
5             4                   Rest              5                Rest                 4                6                      Rest
6             4                   Rest              5                Rest                 4                6                      Rest
7             4                   Rest              5                Rest                 4                7                      Rest
8             4                   Rest              6                Rest                 5                8                      Rest
9             4                   Rest              6                Rest                 3                9                      Rest
10           4                   Rest              5                Rest                 4                10                    Rest
11           4                   Rest              5                Rest                 3                 6                     Rest
12           3                   Rest              5                Rest                 2                 13.1                Rest

What's My Goal And Why Am I Doing This?

About 3 years ago Justin challenged me to start running.  I really disliked it at first. The only reason I kept up with it was because I felt like my overall mood had improved. Then of course I saw the other great benefits of it.  The more I ran the more I enjoyed it. However, like others, I got bored.  I was in search of a new type of motivational tool to help me run and I found it.  I call it my "Running With A Purpose" excuse. 

I no longer run for myself (unless I'm racing against my father-in-law Steve, then it's on!)  My first challenge was a 5k, Run for Mercy.  That day I ran to help support a young man in Africa.  It was fun to pretend that he was by my side  cheering me on to finish for him. First challenge completed!  It felt unbelievable to have finished my first 5k.  I wanted to do more so I signed up to do another 5k. This time it was Save The Boobies.  (Breast Cancer).  The more 5k's I ran that had a purpose behind it the more I kept craving them.

After praying for a couple of days and talking to Justin about it I decided to run my first half marathon in Anchorage, Alaska, August 19th, 2012.  I'm sure you're wondering what's my purpose for this one huh?  About 3 weeks ago I discovered that one of my drill sergeants (who was a fabulous leader) lost his life in Iraq, May 22, 2011.  It absolutely broke my heart.  I wanted to do some thing in his memory.  After doing some research I found an awesome military project that helps wounded soldiers and their families. It's called The Wounded Warrior Project.  The things that this program does is unbelievable! I noticed that they also accept donations and you can donate in memory/honor of someone. Justin and I put two and two together and thought that donating money to the project in memory of SFC Clifford Beattie would be the perfect thing to do. 

So I signed up for the half marathon and my goal is to raise as much money as possible to donate to the Wounded Warrior Project in memory of SFC Beattie.  I can't wait to get out there and promote this!  Will you help?